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Paul Lister
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Malton, United Kingdom
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Canoeing, walking, climbing and many m
I am in to walking, climbing, Cycling, Caving, Canoeing and hope to be able to bring to the site an up to date list of rivers that you are able to paddle on.


Canal to the River Calder

This a small route, only a few hours easy paddle along the canal and a short walk on the river there is short amount of moving water which is easy to see and hear

Howsham to Stamford Bridge

This is the route to complete the paddle down stream but there many problems so please consult

Huttons Ambo Paddle

you would need to gain permission through the access officer to camp and also gain river rights

Islay day 2

Tarbert to Islay via Ferry from Kennacraig

Islay from Glasgow day 1

our trip by car to the Island of Islay from the main land

Islay Portnahaven day 3

Bus journey from Port Ellen to Portnahaven

Malton to Howsham

A paddle along the river Derwent between Malton and Howsham bridge
Kayaking (2/5)

Rydale Paddle

An easy paddle along the river Rye to Malton
kayaking (1/5)

Spey paddle day 1

Day 1 of a summer paddle on the Spey from Loch Inch to the sea, over 4 days
Kayaking (2/5)

Spey paddle day 2

Day 2 of a summer paddle on the Spey from Loch Inch to the sea, over 4 days

Spey paddle day 3

Day 3 of a summer paddle on the Spey from Loch Inch to the sea, over 4 days

Spey Paddle day 4

finally day of the paddle cant seem to get the energy to even get out of the sleeping bag

spurn head

Sea kayaking around Spurn Head

ullswater by canoe

Uploaded route from GPX file ullswater.gpx by Memory-Map

ullswater by canoe day2

Uploaded route from GPX file ullswater1.gpx by Memory-Map

Yedingham to Malton

Camping at the providence pub at Yedingham

Yorkshire 3 peaks

Yorkshire 3 peaks by Gordon


Collections are several routes linked by a common theme.

Derwent Paddling

a trip on the River Derwent from Yedingham to Howsham. Including sites like Malton and Howsham Mill on the BBC restoration Programme in 2006

Islay whiskey galore

tour of Islay and distilleries

Spey Paddle

A paddle along the river Spey in open boats over 4 days

Ullswater Paddling

Paddling the lenght of Ullswater over two days.


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