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Peter Franklin
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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
bushwalking, cycling, enjoying flora and
Have been bushwalking mostly in Tasmania for over 40 years


Aldebaran Western Arthur Range

Spectacular quartzite mountains studded with lakes

Alexandra Mount

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Alpha Pinnacle

Bushwalk to Alpha Pinnacle Reserve in the southern Midlands of Tasmania

Arthurs Peak

Bushwalk to Arthurs Peak in Tasman National Park

Barren Rock Circuit

Walk partly over private land

Blue Lake Circuit

Bushwalk on Blue Lake and Carruthers Peak Circuit in Koszcuisko National Park, Australia

Butlers hill

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Cape Hauy

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Cape Raoul

Delightful coastal bushwalk to a cape with massive sea cliffs

Cape Surville via Walters Opening

The shortest route to Cape Surville

Clemes Tarn

Bushwalk to Clemes Tarn Mt Field National Park in Tasmania

Collins Cap

A walk to a peak in Wellington Park that can be comfortably be completed in a day.

Collins Cap via Glen Dhu

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Crecent Bay and Mt Brown

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Davis Lookout

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Devils Gulch Lower

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Devils Gulch Upper

Optional ways to geocache

Devils Throne

A bushwalk all above the 1000 metre height over a ridge to a plain and lovely snow gum woodland.

Dolomieu Point

Bushwalk to Dolomieu Point from Fortescue Bay in Tasman National Park

East Risdon Reserve Low route

East Risdon Reserve via Shag Bay and coastline

Fenton Webster Track

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working (3/5)

Field East Track

Details of track Friends of Mt Field

Fosters Mountain

Route to first lookout on Fosters Mountain, Budawangs NSW

Glen Dhu Rivulet

Bushwalk partly on old fire trail then on a marked route for final leg to rivulet

Grasstree Hill

Grasstree Hill walk via Risdon Brook Dam

Grasstree Hill Circuit

A bushwalk with several steep climbs through the hills of the Meehan Range

Green Head

A circuit walk from Lime bay to Green Head and return via Lagoon Beach

Hartz Peak

An ascent of Hartz Peak. A bushwalk over well vegetated alpine plateau with splendid views over South West Tasmania

Haywoods Mt Wellington

A rough route from the Organ Pipes Track to the Pinnacle of Mt Wellington


Walk to Mt Hugel via Shadow Lake

Humbug Point

Pleasant coastal walk in Tasmania's North East near Binalong Bay

Jackson Track

Jackson Track to Lake Myrtle

King William

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King William via Guelph

A somewhat scrubby route with a serious climb of 400 metres to a lovely plateau


Circuit walk on Knocklofty Reserve

Lake Seal

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Long Tarns

A circuit bushwalk in the northern part Walls of Jerusalem NP, passing several lakes and numerous tarns.

Lower South Wellington

A bushwalk on a fairly uneven route climbing from The Springs on Mt Wellington to the alpine area before descending over rocky ground to join a formed track back to the start.


Rough indication of Maggs access

Mannys Marsh

Bushwalk through wet forest to a open plain surrounded by drier forest on northern side of Mount Field

Marriotts Falls

A short and pleasant walk along a river bank then gently up through forest beside Marriotts Creek to quite spectacular waterfalls.

Mawson Plateau Traverse

Walk along a moorland then a short but at times rocky climb to an alpine plateau followed by a descent to a lake and ending with a walk of almost 2k along a road unless a car shuffle has been arranged

Monash Valley

Untracked route to a Richea scoparia flower site

Montagu Thumbs

Bushwalk to Cathedral Rock and Montagu Thumbs

Mother Browns Bonnet

A short walk through dry sclerophyll bush on the east coast of Tasmania

Mount Bobs

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Mount Connection

Walk to shrub covered ridge top. Initially following a fire trail but mostly on a very pleasant bush track.

Mount Field West

Walk to a peak on an alpine plateau in the Mount Field National Park

Mount Lloyd via Judds Creek

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Mount Nelson Western Track

walk to Mount Nelson Signal Station via the western track from Lambert Gully

Mount Patrick

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Mount Remus

An exposed high moorland walk to a little visited peak north west of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Mt Crooke

Bushwalk to Mt Crooke in Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

Mt Field East Circuit

A varied circuit walk over high moorland, through a eucalypt clad shelf with lakes and finishing on a delightfully benched historical track.

Mt Marian

A bushwalk in Wellington Park to one of the peaks on the northern side of the park.

Newdegate Pass

Undulating alpine circuit walk through a lovely alpine garden

Old Coach Road

A bushwalk partly along an convict built coach road. It includes some hill ascents between sections of the road.


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Panorama Luckman Circuit

Short alpine area circuit walk with visit to historic sites


Part of route along Pelion Range

Platypus Tarn

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Prosser Sugarloaf via Twamley

Route to the summit of Prosser Sugarloaf from the western side

Risdon Brook Hills

Circuit route in hills north of risdon Brook Dam

Salters Point

This is the most direct way to Salters Point, a narrow neck of land jutting into the western side of Tasman Peninsula. From the point there are quite spectacular views of the coastal cliffs near Tunn

Sentinel Range

The Sentinel Range is a quartzite mountain range in South West Tasmania.

Shipstern Bluff

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Snowy south

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South Cape Rivulet

Bushwalk to South Cape Rivulet in the Tasmanian World Heritage Area

South Wellington

Bushwalk over an untracked alpine plateau.

South Wellington Circuit

South Wellington to North West Bay River

South Wellington Plateau

Bushwalk on South Wellington

Tarn Shelf

Circuit walk including the Tarn Shelf at Mount Field National Park

Thark April 09

Details of route with the section close to big Bend being off track. this version shows all the marker poles installed on the route between Thark saddle and Montagu

Thark Ridge

Uploaded route from GPX file thark ridge full track april 12.gpx by OziExplorer Version 3955n -

Three Thumbs

Pleasant hill walking on the dry east coast

Trestle from Mountain River

A stiff ascent to a dolerite mountain in Wellington Park

Upper Florentine Valley

A bushwalk along the Timbs Track in the Upper Florentine Valley, Tasmania. An area with magnificent old forests that are to be logged with the loss of huge Myrtles and Eucalyptus trees.

Upper Mersey

Route to Junction Lake via Moses Track

Victors Garden Mt Arthur

Route via Lenah Valley to Victors garden on the slopes of Mt Arthur

Walls Of Jerusalem via Lake Ada

Bushwalk from lake Ada to the Walls of Jerusalem in October 2009

Wellington Falls Cathedral Circuit

This circuit is not from a track head, so the extra distance to the start must be added.

Western Arthur Range A-K

Bushwalk in the western Arthur Range in Tasmania's South west World heritage Area

Wetheron Tier

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White Timber Mountain

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Collections are several routes linked by a common theme.

Eastern Tasmania

Extending from the north east down to the south east of Tasmania

Mt Field National park

Bushwalks in the Mt Field National Park

Wellington Park

Bushwalks with Wellington Park near Hobart Tasmania


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