Uploading and Downloading routes: How ShareMyRoutes works

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There's two parts to ShareMyRoutes: uploading routes, and then downloading routes. Uploading a route means taking data about a route, such as the route, photographs and descriptions of the route, and placing it online. Downloading is the much simpler process of taking the route and loading it into a compatible program, and optionally, a GPS.

Uploading routes

Before you can add a route, you have to create an account.

To produce a data file of all the points on a route, you need to have suitable software, which can output in a compatible format. Currently we support GPX, KML (and KMZ) and ASCII formats. KML (and KMZ) is used by Google Earth, which is free, and a great way to draw routes. GPX is a defacto standard supported by many mapping applications such as Memory Map, Anquet, Tracklogs, Fugawi etc. We'll may add more format in future, do hope to add a generic ASCII file import which work with most software.

The data for the route on it's own isn't very interesting, so we give you the ability to add extra information. Firstly, you can upload photos of the route, and then add these and other useful information to a map of the route. Then, you can add detailed description of the route, and useful information about the route. Finally, we get you to label the route with 'tags' to help others find similar routes. Just about everything is optional, but the more information you add, the more useful the route is to others.

Downloading routes

You don't actually need to download the route to use it, as you can print the maps and descriptions.

You can download the data file containing the route to compatible software. Most mapping programs should be able to cope with one or more of the supported formats. GPX is one of the most universal formats. The Google Earth format download has been enhanced with lots of additional details, like photographs and points of interest.

Once you have the route loaded into the software, you can download it to a GPS if your software allows it.