Bugs and features list

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Here's what we have been working on recently, and what we hope to add soonish:


  • Custom icons for routes - allow users to add their own additional icons
  • Rich text editor for the route descriptions
  • Route download. Let us know about any bugs
  • Any user can select display units. If you are logged in, it's stored in your profile, otherwise a cookie is used.
  • Better location selection during account creation. UK location selection is still not great and will be improved at some point
  • Improvements to import using new engine for KML and GPX files. Tracks and waypoints as well as routes can be imported.
  • Import of Exif data from photos
  • Display of the elevation data source (calculated or GPS)
  • Automatic creation of Waypoints from either Exif lat/long, or Exif tagged photos associated with tracks by matching timestamp
  • Better display of track data - by removing excess points
  • Track data editing. Basic editor for GPS track data to remove elevation spikes and bad values
  • Import compressed KML (KMZ) formated files. KMZ is the same as KML, only compressed. It will now import correctly. At some point we'll add download support for KMZ.
  • Map based searching. You can look for routes on a map, and set filters to show only certain types of routes. You can also create permalinks which will allow you to send or bookmark maps
  • New map control. We have upgraded to the latest Virtual Earth Maps, which are faster and offer more features. There's still a few minor glitches in the popups whch we're working on
  • Live.com collections. You can now upload collections created in Live.com, to create routes without installing software
  • Combined map and elevation profile for the route map view
  • 3D view. Microsoft has added highly detailed elevation data for the UK, and the 3D view of routes now looks stunning
  • Full screen maps - showing the route map full screen for added detail - still a few bugs in the 3d view on this page
  • Route Collections. The ability to group together routes which are connected with each other
  • Text Search. You can seach for routes by keyworks, it's not quite google, but it does a reasonable job of find stuff
  • Route Map in Google Maps. Show the route in Google Maps, works identically to the VE version
  • Play routes - you can play back route data by clicking on the play icons above the elevation profile
  • Slideshow - shows all the photos for a route with a AJAX driven slideshow page
  • Icons - a new look and even more icons. Shout if we're missing something
  • The English Lake District - we've got loads of new routes, thanks to the kind people at Lake District Walks.
  • User maps. See who else is on sharemyroutes Example.
  • Themes: route authors can now select themes to customise the look of routes. Example: Doreen Falls
  • Hardware upgrade. We're running on a new, faster server, which should speed things up a bit.
  • Route Editing map improvements. Fixed various niggles including editing in Firefox, and the POI list updating.
  • Embedded Maps. You can embed an Iframe containing a route, and it works following upgrading the site to .NET 3.5. Example
  • Total Ascent/Descent. Fixed a minor bug in the calculation of total descent. Ascent may vary slightly from descent if the end of the route is not exactly at the start.
  • KML export. There was a minor bug in the output of coordinates, which is fixed now
  • KML import. Import should be more robust now, and handle many more KML files, including Nokia Sportstracker, and other applications
  • Hill Shading. 3D shading of hills is now available for both Bing Maps and Google Maps. Although the aerial maps work best for many routes, seeing a route with hills shaded is a nice way to visualise a route as well.
  • Webservices. We're providing an API to manipulate routes from 3rd party applications and websites. If you are interested in using this data, talk to us.
  • Groups. Members can create groups and invite people of shared interest to these groups.
  • Conversion units. We've added a new set of units called 'mixed' which give you heights in metres and distances in miles, which is how some people like to see stuff appearently.
  • Groups. Gather together with other members to form a group of like minded people.
  • Events. Publish events your group is running. Allow others to add comments and photos to your event.
  • Layers. Show additional useful information on a route map
  • Fixed info popup with 3D maps
  • Photo import. Import photos you have already uploaded to flickr
  • Facebook. Show your routes on facebook.
  • Route editing. Edit your route data to remove spikes and glitches

Under development:

  • Clustering: The map of all routes is getting a slow, now there's loads of routes. We'll be doing stuff to speed this up
  • Performance data - speed and average speed for GPS tracks
  • More ways to find other users with similar interests based on your activity tags

Got an idea for a feature you'd like? Tell us, and we'll try and add it.