About Us

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How it all started

The idea for ShareMyRoutes has been knocking about my head since 2002. My interest in walking/hiking, cycling, and mountain biking inevitably led to the purchase of a GPS receiver. After seeing Geocaching.com, and realising the potential power of combining a website with GPS data, I experimented with a route sharing website. Alas, in 2002, this idea was a bit advanced for the available technology and that wasn't quite ready for the mainstream yet.

Fast forward a few years:- By this time I had amassed a large online collection of North Yorkshire mountain bike routes. I decided to reuse many of the ideas I had in 2002 and took advantage of modern online mapping capabilities. GPS devices had become mainstream, and thanks to car satnav, using a GPS to navigate had become commonplace. Within a year of its debut, my website was the leading site for mountain bike routes in the North Yorkshire Moors, in terms of both traffic and search engine placement.

The time was ripe to revisit my route sharing concept: Not only had the underlying technology improved vastly, thanks to the online mapping arms race between Microsoft and Google, but also user-generated content was hot. So, for the past few months I have been working on ShareMyRoutes, and it's now ready for the public.

There's still lots more that needs to be done. In the meantime, let me know what you think.

Dylan Hayes, March 2007.