Wirksworth to Ilam Hall Walk (backpacking) Route Details

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This is the first day of a 2 day walk to Ilam Hall and back to Wirksworth with an overnight at YHA Ilam. It is about 14 miles.


We walked this route in January with fine weather. Some of the fields were very wet and muddy after a lot of recent rainfall.

Detailed description

Beginning in Wirksworth we walked through pretty villages, lanes, trails, over fields up and down hills, through some lovely valleys and saw wonderful views.  Lots of sheep and some stripy cows. 

We were very pleased to get the chance to do this walk at the beginning of the year and we checked the weather forecast to choose the best days for the long walk.

Breaking the walk at YHA Ilam was great and we arrived at the hostel just before dusk.

The walk from Wirksworth to Ilam was about 14 miles.


We are looking forward to doing some backpacking walks and cycle touring in 2014 so thought we would get the year under way with a walk to Ilam, stay in the youth hostel then walk back the next day.  We carried some items with us including towels, wash kit, map, clean clothes for evening,breakfast and water.

We kept an eye on the weather forecast and were able to choose the best two days for our walk so as we set off up the dale from Wirksworth onto the High Peak Trail the sun shone and we had a spring in our step.

The time on the trail is short before dropping down to Brassington, strolling through the village and out on a pretty lane we had not been on before, at this point the 'holiday feeling' really kicked in as we stepped out onto new tracks.

My Sprayway All Day Rainpant trousers were very comfortable and although it didn’t rain they kept my legs dry and warm as we splashed our way across some of the water logged and muddy fields.  I am very glad I had waterproof boots on!

Near the Tissington Trail we spotted Bassetwood Tearoom which was just right for our lunch stop.  Home made soup, scone, jam and cream and a pot of tea went down very well before continuing our journey over the hill to Ilam.

We stayed the night at the youth hostel which has a very good drying room so we were able to rinse the mud off the bottom of our trousers and boots and leave them there to dry for the morning.

As we approached the hostel, the light was fading and we were discussing what we fancied for dinner that night, hoping the hostel would have a good meal and pudding on the menu.

We were very pleased with the home made sausage casserole followed by the YHA special sticky toffee pudding.  We shared some wine relaxed in the lounge and slept very well, ready for our walk home the next day.

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