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This is day 2 of our walk going back to Wirksworth from Ilam Hall after walking there the previous day and staying in the hostel overnight. It is about 16 miles.


Frosty morning, still a little damp in some of the fields.

Detailed description

This is our walk back to Wirksworth from Ilam, about 16 miles we returned by a different route beginning with  a walk along the riverside then up some hills and down some stunning valleys including Alsop en le Dale.  We stopped for lunch in Parwich and ended the walk back on the High Peak Trail for a short time before descending back to Wirksworth.


After a wonderful nights sleep at YHA Ilam we awoke to a stunning frosty morning, very difficult to put our cameras down and start the walk as everywhere looked so beautiful but it is January and we were very aware of the shortness of the day so we headed off across the fields and strolled along the riverside marvelling at the wonderful weather.

We soon came to the first climb of the day out of the valley, this wasn't too bad and I did stop to photograph some sheep part way up.  Over some fields and our journey home was under way.  Taking a different route back than the one we walked the previous day made this walk interesting and exciting with some amazing views and cloud inversions as we headed up and over into different valleys.

A brief stop at Milldale before clambering up the other side.  Eventually descending into Alsop en le Dale which was a lovely surprise on the walk and looked very picturesque on this January day.  On to Parwich where we called at the local shop/pub and sat outside in the sun enjoying sausage rolls, crisps and cake.  We also lightened our load a little by having a hot chocolate sachet with water from the flask.

The whole walk has been great and as we came into familiar territory again we felt very pleased to have done what we set out to do and have our first adventure of the year, with lots more to come!


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