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What shall we do this weekend, go a walk, go camping? Lets do both! A 17.5 mile walk (Plus 3 miles to the pub and back), a night at a lovely eco friendly campsite with wild camping areas and great views.


Good conditions, started along the High Peak Trail then over fields and lanes up and down a bit but not too much climbing.

Hazards and warnings

A few narrow stiles but nothing too serious.

Detailed description

A pleasant walk starting on the trail to Brassington then along lanes and across fields to Kniveton.  We stayed at Berry Wood Farm Campsite which has lovely views, is eco friendly, and gave us £1 off each because we didn't use a car to get there.  We stayed in a wild camping area which gave us privacy and was just lovely.  The pitches have fire pits.  We walked a further 3 miles to the pub, The Red Lion at Hognaston for tea and a beer as a little treat.  The walk back was a different  and shorter route making this a pleasant round walk.





Having used our lightweight camping gear cycle touring we thought we would do some backpacking and decided the night before that we would try a circular route towards Ashbourne.

We found a campsite and planned a route there of around 10 miles with a shorter route back the next day of about 7.5 miles.  To add to the holiday mood we decided to eat at one of the two pubs that are within 1.5 miles of the campsite, The Red Lion at Hognaston or The Red Lion at Kniveton.

Setting off from Wirksworth we headed up to the High Peak Trail then across to Brassingtron, along some lovely lanes and fields and over the top to Kniveton, enjoying a picnic stop along the way.

We found the campsite which is lovely, proper camping and we opted for a 'wild camping' area which was nice and peaceful.

After relaxing by the tent we walked into Hognaston for tea and walked back just as it was going dark.

The following day after a very relaxed breakfast in the sunshine we set off back through Hognaston and along to Carsington Water where we walked along the reservoir wall before heading over to Kirk Ireton then back down to Wirksworth. 

The actual walk was around 17.5 miles (not including the pub and back!).

Boogie dog managed very well and enjoyed the walk.


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