Wirksworth to Brassington Walk (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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We started this walk from the centre of Wirksworth and walked over the top to Carsington then on to Brassington


We did this walk in January and we got a bit muddy, one reason was that a couple of the stiles were a little narrow for our dog to go through so we had to help her along a bit!

Detailed description

A pleasant walk that includes an up and over the hill section which is not too difficult.

Descend to Carsington Water and just walk a very small section round the edge of the reservoir before crossing the road and going to Hopton, past Hopton Hall and on to Carsinton where you can call at the Miners Arms pub if you wish.

Another up hill ascending up an old track through fields and over the top into Brassington.

After our lovely lunch at Ye Olde Gate we returned by a slightly different route that gently takes you up on to the High Peak Trail and brings you back down to Wirksworth.

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