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Route Description

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A ride from YHA Eskdale to YHA Wastwater via Ravenglass.


Good road surface

Hazards and warnings

The route is mainly on small roads with a short spell on a larger road. Part of the route at Ravenglass is not passable at high tide, there is a cafe at the station where you can have a cuppa whilst the tide goes out as we did!

Detailed description

A very pleasant and picturesque ride starting from YHA Eskdale, heading towards the coast so not too hilly for the Lake District.  A climb up past Muncaster Castle then a lovely drop into Ravenglass with a view of the sea. Head back inland towards the mountains, along little lanes arriving at YHA Waswater.The ride to the hostel is about 20 miles and we then rode up to the Wasdale Head Inn adding an extra 8 miles.


The end of March and the sun was shining as we set off from YHA Eskdale to YHA Wastwater.

This was my first ride carrying panniers, we stayed at YHA Eskdale then set off to YHA Wastwater where we would spend the night before riding back.

I was pleased to find that my luggage didn't make much difference to the handling of the bike and thoroughly enjoyed the Famous Five experience of riding along country lanes with bursts of yellow daffodils on the roadsides and lambs in the fields.

There was a bit of a hill up past Muncaster Castle at the bottom of which Rogers chain broke so whilst he slipped in another link I carried on up and waited for him near the top.

After this was a lovely descent into Ravenglass with a view of the sea.  We went to have a look at the station and La Ratty before continuing to follow the Sustrans 72, as we went over the narrow bridge next to the railway and down along the coast we realised tide was high so retraced our steps back to the station and had lunch whilst the tide receded.  Setting off across the bridge again we continued round the coast onto a lovely long, straight Roman road, fields either side and a view of the mountains as we headed back inland.

This was a pleasant leisurely ride where we stopped to look at lambs, take photos and enjoy the views.

Arriving at YHA Wastwater, the sun was still shining so we dropped our baggage at the hostel and rode the 4 miles up to The Wasdale Inn where we enjoyed a nice pint outside, looking at the lovely old bridge, more photos were taken to capture the beauty of the day.

We felt fantastic riding back to the hostel, the weather had been very kind, the scenery stunning and home made shepherds pie was waiting to be enjoyed.

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