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The Sentinel Range is a quartzite mountain range running east west and is about 6k in length. The main walk is to the summit on the eastern end, but a traverse is a good option for an experienced party. Going up is a quite steep climb with an overall gradient of1:2


Rough with parts overgrown

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Commences from Sentinel picnic ground where a track leads to a crossing log on the Wedge River.  A fairly clear pad, cut in parts leads upward over buttongrass plains crosses a gully then ascends to the base of a cliff lined gully.  This continues up particularly steeply close to the cliff on the left (eastern) side of the gully to the first crest then on to the main crest of the range.  The summit is to the east and is easily reached along the rising crest.
The views from the crest are very good on a clear day with views over Lake Pedder to the south and Lake Gordon in the opposite direction.  Beyond these are the many peaks of the Southwest National Park, including the Frankland Range.
The track is in fairly good condition without a great deal of erosion in the ascent gully and beyond.   The pad is quite distinct, except for a very short distance on the ridge top, but is a bit overgrown in parts.

The walk here includes a side trip to a the next prominent peak to the west,  It  described is 4.8k return and takes a shade over 3 ½ hours not including lunch.  If only going to the main summit it 1:45 there and 1:15 for the return and the walk about 3.5k.

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