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A new half marathon route, in the infamously hilly city of Sheffield.


fairly straight road, but very hilly.

Detailed description

Even in such a hilly place, the route seems to be particularly sadistic, with the first 5 miles being a big climb with the odd interlude of flatter sections. On the positive side, once you top out, it's all downhill and you can use what's left of your strength to put in a good 10 k time. Beware of the mistake many made, who took the hills faster than they should have, and were too tired to make the most of the downhill.


I had a good run. I had practised by running similar distances, and taking in lots of hills, so I was fresh enough at the top of the hill to take advantage of the downhill, and the wind at my back. I had avoided water in training, and felt only the need for a few sips (wasteful I know) at the summit. When I passed the 2:05 pacer at mile 7, I felt optimistic that a sub 2:00 finish was possible as long as I put some distance in front the pacer. I felt fast going down the hills, but my inner lazy person kept urging me to slow down, as wasn't I far enough ahead already? To my disappointment, just as the finish line came into view, the clock ticked past the magic 02:00:00, but fortunately, my chip time was well within the desired 2 hours, as I had crossed the start way back in the slower waves.

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