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This walk takes you on the route cars used to travel on to go and visit Filey before the more straight bypasses were built. After looking at old 1950s os maps I have re-drawn the way it went. Enjoy historic A165.


100% concrete roads and lanes.

Hazards and warnings

1. This route uses and crosses many busy roads take care of traffic. 2. Cliffs are falling between Osgodby and Cayton Baytake care. 3. On many sections of the old A165 roads locals walk their dogs and never clean it up so watch your step.

Detailed description

Start at Scarborough Railway Station and follow the main A165 across Valley Bridge and up Ramshill Road.  At the lights where Queen Margart's Road is where Filey Road begins.  The first few hundred yard are part of the main A165.  When you get to the bit where the main A165 turns right to the roundabout keep left past the church and follow the road through Osgodby.  You are now on the 1st bit of the old A165 whih was bypassed in late 2009 and this part through Osgodby village is still used by regular local buses and local traffic.  At the turning off for Eastfield keep straight on down to Cayton Bay.  This next section your about to walk was closed to traffic in early 2010 shortly after the Osgodby bypass opened due to cliffs falling apart but is still passable to walkers and cyclists.  Go downhill into Cayton Bay and keep straight on when you get to the roundabout.  Continue past the road to Cayton Bay Surf Shop and go uphill.  The Ogodby bypass ends about 1/2 of a mile south of Cayton Bay.  Walk to where the old A165 turns into a path for walkers and cyclists by the end of the Osgodby bypass.  Just before the road ends you'll notice a memorial plaque which was put up after the death of 2 young men in October 2001.  When it was the main A165 their car crashed after they were driving back from a night out.  Please pause for a minute silence.  The walker and cycle path then joins Redliffe lane which you follow to The Plow Inn.  You are now on another section of the old A165 which was bypassed for Lebberston and Gristhorpe long before Osgodby in late 1970s. (as a guess)  Go past the entrance of The Plow Inn.  This entrance stands on the old A165.  Turn right and cross the main A165 and follow the B1261 for a few yards then turn left into Lebberston village.  Follow the road round and down into Gristhorpe village.  Stay on the road and go almost back to the main A165.  This section of the old A165 was converted into the B1261 for a little way.  The bit through Lebberston and to Gristhorpe was made a minor road which the 121 bus from Hull to Scarborough uses today.  Local traffic also use this section.  Just before the main A165 turn right down Carless Lane.  This is the last bit of old A165 you will be walking.  Filey has always been bypassed with the A165 continuing to Muston.  There is however more old sections of old A165 which can be driven which will be mentioned in the narrative section.  The end of the lane joins the main A165 which you follow for a few metres.  Turn left and follow the A1079 into Filey Town Centre.  Here you can choose to get the bus or train back to Scarborough.


Here are more sections of old A165 which can also be driven.

1.  Reighton was bypassed in mid 2008 and the old A165 here goes through the village coming out at the Flamborough road and sheep roundabout.

2. Bridlington was bypassed in 1980s (as another guess) and the old A165 through the town is now the A1038.

3. Further south to Hull there is another section of old A165 through the villages of Brandesburton and Leven which were bypassed in 1991 to make a dual-carragway.

Route Map

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