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This was our first cycle tour in France and we planned to do around 30 to 35 miles each day. This map is the tidied up version without the little detours to the boulangerie or the cafe!


Mainly back roads and cycle paths.

Hazards and warnings

A little bit on main roads.

Detailed description

We planned a rough circular route starting at Saintes where we left the car at the chambres d'hotes.  We didn't book any accommodation for the trip and carried camping gear with us. 

Our first day took us to just beyond Talmont Sur Gironde where we found a very good municipal campsite, the camping plots are large and quite private. 

The following day we headed to Blaye where we camped on the Citadel. We took the ferry the next day to Bordeaux.  Bordeaux has excellent cycle paths and we found getting in and out of here very simple.  Cycling in Bordeaux was a pleasure.

After a night in a hotel, a lovely meal and a wander round the city we headed to St Emilion where we stayed in a luxury campsite with a swimming pool.  Then on to Montpon-Menesterol. Then to Riberac where we stayed in a chambres d'hotes for a couple of nights and had a rest day.

On Bastille day we cycled through beautiful countryside and camped in a peaceful site in the middle of nowhere, we were the only ones there and the owner had a beer with us and sold us a bottle of wine, it was lovely, we saw deers and enjoyed the rest.

The next day we cycled towards Jarnac, unfortunately the campsite was been dug up and refurbished so we cycled out to Bourg Charante, another lovely site by the river.

Our last day of cycling skirted round Cognac and brought us back in to Saintes by a handy cycle track.

What can I say, each day was very different by the countryside, the buildings, the flowers and the views.  We had days of sunflowers, vin yards, flat lands with storks and fantastic forests and views, not forgetting all the pretty villages and towns.

Nice food, plenty of cheese.

A good trip!


We were very excited about our cycle tour in France and had mapped out a rough route to follow but didn't book any accommodation as we wanted freedom to change our mind and find our way.

All the camp-sites and accommodation were very good, large pitches and friendly. 

The cycling was a real joy, mainly on back roads with very little traffic or on cycle paths.

It was great cycling through different regions and seeing the change in the countryside.

We took lots of photos mainly of sunflowers as the ride was very idyllic and pretty.

Very happy, a great way to spend a holiday.

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