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A marathon distance over rough ground, in the central part of the North York Moors


Variable from well drained gravel tracks, to grassy trails to knee deep bog

Hazards and warnings

Remote in places, and often very boggy especially in winter along the Lyke Wake Walk


A first attempt at a proper trail marathon. The weather was wet in the lead up to the event, and I managed to get a cold, and a knee injury, so the time wasn't ever going to be very good. The weather on the day started well, but by midday was raining hard and pretty cold. We set off with good intentions to run the bits we could and walk the uphills. However as the distance and rough terrain ground us down, we walked more and more. Others passed us who had saved themselves for the middle dull by but runnable section around Fylingdales, but by that time we were destroyed. We never stopped except at checkpoints, but kept a steady walk across the nearly unrunnable section on the Lyke Wake Walk, and eventually, after a return to Simon Howe, we'd made it back to the last 600 metres of road to the village hall. Still, we managed to get around and beat the sweeper. Before I was even done I was thinking about next time.

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