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Red Paint Track to top of Organ Pipes
22/01/2010 @ 02:35
Blain Fitzgerald showed us a Red Paint Track to the top of the Organ Pipes which starts off the Organ Pipes Track at a big Euc close to the track where the power lines are closest, at WGS84 55 519738E,5251246N, 979m. I think this is the same track and is used by Climbers to access the top of Organ Pipes for abseiling etc at 55 515965E, 5950800N, 1182m. An alternative from the Chalet to the Pinnacle Road near the top of the Panorama Track starts at the end of the northern extension of the Organ Pipes track that leads off at the Chalet water supply collection sump and is very flat and smooth for several 100 metres then ends suddenly at 55 518933E,5251344N, 1106m. It then heads straight up hill along a taped route, over a large boulder field and across several short flatter areas to the Pinnacle Road. I'll try to GPS it and put it up on this site, or we could do it together Peter.

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