Clumber Lincoln Clumber Bike Ride (Cycling for pleasure) Route Details

Route Description

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We parked at the National Trust car park but there is space on the roadside around this area as well.


Mainly on quiet country roads, an old railway and a small amount on a larger road.

Detailed description

 A flatish ride along country lanes, and along an old railway line, coming into Lincoln by the river.  A quick lunch stop then we retraced our route and got back to Clumber Park in time to use the facilities there and have a look in the National Trust shop.


 This is a good, mainly flat ride of around 52 miles.  Alot of the ride is along an old railway line so you are able to keep up a good pace and not worry about navigation too much.  Along the Lincolnshire countryside we passed windmills, a small plane and a lovely river before ascending the hill into the town.

I had a puncture just as we got to Lincoln,we fixed this then had some lunch in the town before setting off back.  The ride felt slightly more uphill on the way back and we cycled back quite fast.  A really enjoyoyable ride in a different area.

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