Nason Ridge, Wenatchee, Washington (hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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A strenuous hike taking in alpine meadows and woods, views of Lake Wenatcheee and Glacier Mountain and on a good day, Mt Rainier.


Obvious trail all the way

Hazards and warnings

Mosquitos, especially in the woods at the start

Detailed description

A steep start takes you through an old burn (1994) which is quite haunting but amazing views to the ridge proper. From here you follow the ridge for ~4m to the NFS Ranger Lookout enjoying alpine meadows and woods, expansive views South toward Mt Rainer and the occasionaly sight of Lake Wenatchee. The best views are had at the Ranger Lookup, Glacier Mt 20m to the NW and Mt Rainier just pokes over the range to the South in good weather.


You can see a photosynth of the views from the Ranger Lookout here.

Route Map

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