Kingwood Texas Kayaking (Kayaking) Route Details

Route Description

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Paddling in the upper reaches of Lake Houston into the West Fork of the San Jacinto River.


Hot and sticky in June. Start early. The side creeks can provide welcome shade.

Hazards and warnings

There are a few fast speed boats and water ski boats going up and down the San Jacinto River but they should not cause any major problems for paddlers. There are numerous signs in the car park about having your car towed away if you do not have a Kingwood sticker. Comments on other web sites suggest that this is not normally enforced.

Detailed description

This was just an exploratory paddle to get to know the area. The main lake/river channel is fairly boring but there are lots of side creeks where you can explore and see more wildlife. Lots of herons, cormorants, anhingas and a few hawks. Plenty of turtles and fish around too. Didn't see any alligators but it looks like a suitable place for them.

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