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Route Description

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A classic but long trail with lots of elevation gain gets you to the top of the 3rd highest point in Texas.


Well maintained and way marked trails. The trail up Emory peak is much steeper and harder going.

Hazards and warnings

Signs warn of bears and mountain lions in the area. In winter the peak can be far colder than the rest of the park. In hotter conditions the long walk and lack of water means you need to carry plenty of water.


A clear but windy day and a chance to once again scale Emory Peak.

The high winds on the top kept temperatures cool enough to need a fleece, and made the exposed scrambling on rocks too much for me, so I failed to climb the last few feet. Although the scrambling is easy enough, the incredible exposure and high winds caused me to turn back just feet from the top. The technically hard section at the start of the rock wall is not hard, nor is it particulary exposed. After you gain the ledge it's far easier technically, but the exposure requires a steady hand.

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