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Route Description

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A ride over gently rolling countyside to the west of York. Good for fast road biking, as well as more sedate leisure cycling


Quiet countryroads, with a few sections along busy A roads.

Hazards and warnings

The roadabout at the junction of the A64 and A1237 is busy, and dangerous for cyclists. Take care when crossing.

Detailed description

Head out of York via Poppleton, take the A59 to the turn for Hessay. Follow the quiet road to Long Marston, and then the B 1224 to Ruggate crossroads.

Turn left and head to the edge of the Thorpe Arch trading estate, and then follow minor roads back to Healaugh, and then Bilborough. You can add extra distance via Colton, or follow the cycle track along the A64 to the turn for the A 1237. Cross the A64 via the bridge, and then head into Copmanthorpe, and then head to central York along the cycle track on the A 1036. Then take the A19 to the park and ride.


The clocks had just changed, and it was time for the first night ride of the season.

The L&M vega worked brilliantly, and even the dimmer settings were good enough for the road, but when there was lots of oncoming traffic the brighter settings helped you see the road despite the glare, even if this did annoy motorists unused to bright bike lights. Still, it does take some getting used to; riding when a lot of the time, you can't see everything around you, and getting used to being confident with traffic whizzing past in the dark takes some doing.

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