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Porthmerion was a village developed in the 1920s by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, made famous by the Prisoner TV series in the 1960s.


Paved paths.

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Note: GPS reception wasn't very good in the woods, and around the village, so the track data is a bit spikey.


After a hard day in the mountains, a nice flat walk around Porthmerion seemed like a good idea to rest sore legs and feet. The weather was overcast, and the bright colours of the village were muted by the leaden coloured skies.

The level of detail in the architecture was incredible, and the brightly coloured intricate and eccentric decorations were facinating to look at, even if it somehow it reminds you of a theme park. The village was constructed over a period of many years, and some of the buildings look like they could do with a bit of paint, as the sea air has taken it's toll and the bright colours have faded with time. I particularly liked the domed building which is now an art gallery.

After walking around the village, we walked along the seaside path and back through the dense woods past the japanese garden, and back into the village. There are lots of other walks around the woods, but we choose a short walk that seemed to visit some of the more interesting areas in the extensive grounds.


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