Snowdon via Central Gullies (mountaineering) Route Details

Route Description

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A long drag of walk to above Glaslyn, then a fairly easy snow gully climb to near the summit of Snowdon, followed by a descent via the Pyg track


When we did this, there was pretty good snow above 2000 feet, so we had a fairly descent climb up a snow gully, which was in good shape. There was one pitch of ice covered rock, but oterwise this was a classic Scottish Grade I winter route

Hazards and warnings

All the usual hazards of winter mountaineering: avalanche, steep drops etc


We started via the long, but easy Miners track, before crossing to the foot of the eastern face of Snowdon, by the start of the zig zags.

We picked one of the central gullies which appeared to have stable, good solid snow. The only difficulty on the route was a short rocky pitch that was iced up, which Dylan lead, and I seconded, not that the protection he managed to get in, would have stopped a fall.

After that we unroped and plodded up the rest of the gully. The cloud dropped, but fortunatly way finding was easy and the technical stuff below us.

After the obligitory visit to the summit, we descending via the zig-zag, and then started on the Pyg track. On the way back we managed to find some idiot who had got separated from the rest of his group, and had wandered off into the mist, somewhere above the Pyg track. After phoning mountain rescue to report him found, we escorted him back to the Pen y Pass mountain rescue post, as he was obviously a danger to himself and anybody else. The rest of his ground hadn't even reported him missing. If we or somebody else had found him, he'd have had a cold night waiting for the mountain rescue people to find him, assuming the cold hadn't got him, as he wasn't really equipped for a 3000 foot mountain in winter.

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