Rutland Water (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A nice, easy and fairly flat ride around Rutland Water, featuring waterside cycling around a reservoir nature reserce, with plenty to see on the way.


Gravel tracks, and tarmac cycle paths, and some quiet roads. Parts can be muddy in winter.

Detailed description

Park in the pay and display and follow the signs around the lake in a anticlockwise direction.

The first part of the route is moderately hilly and passes through small woods. At the other end of the lake, you can take a side trip out on the peninisular for some extra miles.

The part between Egleton and Manton can be muddy. After joining a roadside cycletrack and climbing up the steep hill in Manton follow the cycle track along the road to the east, before turning left and heading down the steep hill to the lakeside track. Follow the track along the side of the lake, until you reach the dam, and turn right to head across the dam to the start.

The route can be started from any of the carparks on the route, but the car park on the northside of the dam is easiest to access from the A1 north.

Route Map

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