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A walk up to the summit of Y Garn, and a visit to Llyn Idwal. This is a reasonably easy walk, which despite the large amount of the ascent, has few of the hazards of other walks in the area.


Rocky paths, and some loose rock and very steep sections. Some parts are exposed, but there are few technical difficulties.

Hazards and warnings

Mountain walking is hazardous, especially in winter conditions.

Detailed description

Walk up the well surfaced track from Idwal Cottage to Llyn Idwal. Cross the bridge on the right, and head up the gravel track towards the lower slopes of Y Garn. The path becomes steeper, and the surface becomes loose as you head up the first steep section.

After ascending the steep section, the path flattens out, before the path steepens again, and the surface of the path becomes loose and indistinct. The gradient eases again, and you'll be heading up a narrow, but easy going ridge, with a  very steep slope on the right. At the junction with a ridge, just before the main summit head south for a short walk to the main summit of Y Garn at 947 metres.

To descend, simply retrace your footsteps. We took a slight detour to the beautiful small lake of Llyn Clyd for a break, to savour the views out over the valley. Make sure you take plenty of photos of Llyn Idwal, as the views across the lake, particularly in the late afternoon, are incredible.

An alternative way down from the summit is as follows:

Can carry on south from the summit, and descent via the steep and rocky gap in the ridge tp the south of Devils Kitchen, taking care to make sure you pick the correct path down, as the deep cleft of Devil's Kitchen is not passable. After descending, a side trip to see the bottom of the dramatic gorge of the Devils Kitchen is worth while, but beware slippery rocks. After descending the screes, follow either side of the lake, and resume the way you came up.


A fairly short walk on a clear and cold October's day. We arrived in the afternoon, having driven into Snowdonia in the morning, so wanted a fairly short and easy walk.

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