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A short walk from Huttons Ambo village in the Howardian Hills, ideal for a leisurely sunday stroll


Grassy and gravel tracks, muddy in winter

Detailed description

You can start the walk with an optional trip down to the river, to cross the interesting suspension bridge over the Derwent. When done, walk back up the hill to the village.

Follow the path away from the village on the track, and down towards the river. Follow the track along the side of the hill, above the railway. Go into the woods, and carry on along the track.

The footpath breaks away from the track to the left (look for a small wooden sign). This can be overgrown, and as an alternative stay on the gravel track. After coming out of the wood, follow the track uphill towards the A64. By the gate, turn to the right, and follow the track along the edge of the hill. The path then passes a pheasant pen, before going down a sunken lane with thick hedges either side, before you reach the road. Turn right, and head back into the village. 

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