Howsham Scrayingham (Walking) Route Details

Route Description


A nice flat riverside walk from Howsham Bridge, visting Howsham Mill, and the area to the south.


Can be muddy in winter.

Detailed description

Park by the road at Howsham bridge, and walk under the bridge, and along the riverside to Howsham Mill. Return to the bridge and carry on along the riverside path, first through the woods, and then across fields.

After you reach a wood which goes to the river, turn left, and head away from the river, and then cross the small wooden bridge. After passing through the wood turn left (you can also carry on to Scrayingham).

After following the permissive path along the gap between the wood and the willow plantation. Then turn left, and pass back through the wood. After crossing into a field, carry on along the footpath, which passes along the edge of fields, until you reach a road. At the road turn left, and head down the hill. After the turn for Howsham village, you can find a gate in the wood on the righthand side of the road. There is a path through the wood on the edge of the road, which is a pleasant change from walking down the road.  

Route Map

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