Horbury Bull Cliff Woods (mountain biking) Route Details

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A bit of a mess around, on various footpaths and old railway lines and woods.


Muddy! Some bits not that easy to ride in the mud


Following a study of an old map, and  a previous attempt to follow an old railway from the canal, via British Oak to Capston, we picked up the old railway line, now clear of most of the vegetation and followed it in to the woods.

At first it was very muddy but the surface improved. As we neared the paintballing place we decided to go no further and instead picked up the footpath running past the paintballing battle area, and onto the top, and then via the old coal mine at Bullcliff woods.

We then followed a footpath makred with a sign but not on the map, which took us back to near Midgley. Then we followed the bridleway back via Newhall prison to Middlestown and back in to Coxley woods.

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