Cayton Bay to Filey (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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The southern most part of the Cleveland way is far less wild than the northern sections. Despite the coast being full of caravan parks, the views on the seaward side are rewarding


Clifftop paths, with a rocky beach

Hazards and warnings

Large unfenced cliffs in places. Coming back from Filey Brigg is only possible at low to mid tide. If attempting the walk along the beach check the tide tables first

Detailed description

Follow the easy path along the cliff tops. At the end of the Cleveland way, you can either turn right along the path to Filey, or walk towards the end of Filey Brigg. Either descend the steep steps on the right, or carry on along to the ridge until the end. Before attempting to walk along the shore, check the tide times, as it's not possible to walk back at high tide.

Visiting Filey Brigg. The local council discourage you from using both the path along the ridge, and the path on the right of the ridge, as they may be slightly rougher than many people are able to cope with. However, the more adventurous may carry on along the ridge to the birdwatchers hut, and beyond onto the Brigg. The narrow tidal rocky spit is an incredible place with sea all around, especially in rough weather, however care must be taken, as the sea can sweep over the rocks at high tide or in stormy weather. After visiting Filey Brigg walk back along the rocky beach to Filey, if the tide is still out.


This is never a walk you'll have to yourself in good weather, and the presence of caravan sites on the landward side conspires to make this anything but remote. Despite this, it is  a fine walk in pleasant conditions, with plenty of sea views and an optional side trip the end of the rocky spit of Filey Brigg.


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