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A long ride taking in everything from quiet country roads, moorland single track to urban cycleways, taking you from the centre of York to the industrial surroundings of Middlesbrough.


Moorland single track, quiet roads, some busy roads, and urban cycleways

Detailed description

Follow the minor roads from York to eventually pickup NCN 66 near Easingwold. Then over the moors to the Cleveland way, and up onto the moors again via the quiet valley above Swainby. Then, passing Three Lords Stones, along a great newly created bridleway along the old mines on the northern edge of the Cleveland Hills, before diving down to arrive at Stokesley. After that, some road riding to reach NCN 66 which passes through the edge of Middlesbrough, before taking you to the centre of the town and the station, where you can get a train home.

Bikes are allowed on most trains from Middlesbrough to York, but it's worth checking ahead.



During Easter 2007 I decided on doing a really epic ride. I had ridden various parts of the route before, and I wanted to link them together into something massive.

The moorland tracks over the western edge of the moors are not particular technical, but have great views. The singletrack from near Swainby has some great rolling singletrack, as well as a horrid 'get off and push' climb.

The last leg from Stokesley to the centre of Middlesbrough features some not very nice road riding, as well as some easy and pleasant urban cycleway. Watch out for broken glass on the last sections as there seems to be a lot of it when I rode the route.

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