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A walk full of history, from roman ruins to victorian grandeur.


The walls are flat once you are on them, but there are many steps up and down, plus crossing of busy city streets.

Hazards and warnings

Some of the walls have unguarded drops, and may not be suitable for small children

Detailed description

The walk goes around the city walls of York. You can start from many places and go in which ever direction please you. The route is described from Petergate in a clockwise direction. Please note, parking in central York is limited and expensive. If coming from outside York, take advantage of the many Park and Ride facilities to save the bother of getting stuck in York's traffic nightmare.

Climb onto the walls and follow the wall around York minster's grounds. The views here are lovely. The wall follows the roman fortification at first. After passing Goodramgate and the Richard the Third museum, the walls end and you'll have to walk alongside the busy road next to the river Foss. After going back onto the walls you'll pass the impressive gate of Walmgate, before decending back to street level. You can see the old castle walls below the georgian jail and courthouse that was built here. Cliffords Tower is worth a side trip.

Cross the river, and regain the wall. The wall takes you past a further small musuem, before turning right abruptly. Savour the view of the minster, before decending to the street and the bridge over the Ouse.

Either go into Museum Gardens (locked at night) or go around the back of the library to see the excavation of the many layers of the city walls, before arriving back at the start.


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