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Route Description

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A fast road ride out to Tockwith and back through various villages to the west of York. There are a few hills, but nothing to worry about.


Minor roads, some of which are quiet, with a small section of main road

Hazards and warnings

Traffic can be a problem, on the A59 and the road from Thorpe Arch to Tockwick is narrow but busy

Detailed description

Head down through Acomb and outwards Askam Bryan, taking care when crossing the bypass. Carry on past Healaugh, Wighill and finally Thorpe Arch trading estate before turning north towards Tockwith, using the minor road around the old airfield to cut the corner.

From Tockwith head east to Long Marston, past the memorial to the civil war battle field, before following a small road to Hessay, carry on through the village and then cross the railway at the gate. Go 3/4 of a mile on the A59 until turning left, and following a minor road to Poppleton village and then head alongside the river, before going down a slight hill to the start.


A nice summer evening ride

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