York - Healaugh - Tadcaster (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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An easy route on quiet roads, and some moderate offroad to Healaugh and Tadcaster.


Offroad sections are very muddy in winter and wet weather

Detailed description

Follow the cycleway along the Ouse. Cross the river on the cyclepath by the A road.

Go to Poppleton, and take the quiet road which turns into a track. Pass the farm onto a muddy field, pick up the track and then follow the road to the A 59. Cross the A 59 and head for Long Marston. Turn right before the village and carry on towards Tockwith. Before the village pick up the muddy track on the left, and head offroad to near Healaugh. Take the track towards Tadcaster. Follow the road to the town centre and then east towards York. Follow the A 64 until the first left turn and pick up the track on the right after the metal bridge. Follow the track until you come out on the A64.

Follow the cyclepath until you reach the bridge over the A64. Cross the A 64 and pickup the bridleway which takes you to a minor road leading to Copmanthorpe. Follow the road into central York along the busy A 1036.

Route Map

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