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A short walk around the river Ouse in the centre of York.


Well made up paths, some steps. Can also be cycled. Scarborough bridge would not be wheelchair accessible, but the rest of the route would be if you avoided some sections.

Detailed description

Follow the river south from the railway bridge. After passing under Lendal Bridge  you have to join the street, as you can't get to the river. After crossing a busy street and going to the end of Skeldergate, you can resume walking along a nice quiet road. At Rowentree Park turn right to pass through the park, or carry on alongside the river to the Millenium bridge and return toward central York via the other bank of the river. The path back to the blue bridge offers pleasant walking under trees. Cross the blue wooden bridge and walk along side St. Georges Fields, and under the road bridge. Pass by the busy Kings Arms riverside pub, which is famous for flooding at regular intervals, and climb the steps to the road. Turn left and head up Coney Street to Lendal Bridge. If the park is open, go through the gates, otherwise head down to the river and return to the start. 


A pleasant late spring evening and a chance to get out and promenade around the riverside paths in bridge sunlight. 

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