York to Buttercrambe Bike (road biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A nice cycle ride from central York out to the west, suitable for inexperienced cyclists, due to lack of hills


Mostly quiet roads, and when busy roads are used, there are cycle paths.

Detailed description

Head NW along Stonebow and pick up the cycle path. Follow the path until Murton, and then head right, along minor roads. Head to Warthill along minor roads, and after Warthill head to Upper Helmsley along a hillier section.

Turn right in Upper Helmsley and then right at the Buttercrambe road (which can have some fast traffic). Just before Buttercrambe, turn right onto the very small road. Follow this to Bossal, and turn left onto a minor road to Sand Hutton. Pass Sand Hutton, and around 1/2  mile after the bridge look for a track to the left. Take the track until you reach a road, turn right towards Stockton on the Forest, and then left to enter the village.

Pass throught the village and follow the same road towards York. You can turn left to go into Heworth to avoid a busy road. Carry on until you reach the start. 

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