Sudbury Hall Cycle Ride (Cycling for pleasure) Route Details

Route Description

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This is a ride we enjoy all year round, it is mainly along pretty, peaceful country lanes and as with many rides near here there are lots of variations and little alternative lanes to use so we vary the route slightly each time.


For our November ride the conditions were dry although there was some muddy patches. The roads and lanes are mainly in good condition.

Hazards and warnings

Some of the lanes can get muddy especially near farms so take care in these areas.

Detailed description

We set off from Wirksworth along Derby road, through Idridgehay, across the traffic lights at Cowers lane then turn right towards Windley.  This is the start of the country lanes and lovely views.

With Sudbury Hall as our destination we look forward to our lunch stop here and a look round the gift shop before setting off back.



Mid November, fresh autumn day, dry and bright.  We choose our ride to incorporate some of the Autumn splendour and colours and head over to Sudbury Hall.

This is a favourite ride  for when we don't want lots of hill climbing but are looking
for a pleasant ride that we can take at a good pace with a destination offering tea and cake.  There are a few hills but nothing major with the main climb on the way back up to Cross o'th hands.

On this day the colours and light are wonderful, the hedgerows and trees glowing and beautiful, this is one of the reasons I ride a bike and particularly enjoy this ride as it gives us time to notice the changing seasons and catch the autumnal scents as we cycle along the country lanes.

Whatever season we ride this route we always manage to get “that holiday feeling” which is just lovely and certainly adds to the enjoyment of the ride.

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