ExEx 2008 Leg2 (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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LEG 2. Optional Long Route loop. 9 miles or 1.75 hours. Across fields to the Exe. Then hard but ridable climb to Winsford Hill. Descent to Winsford needs care with big dropoffs at Yellowcombe Lane.

Detailed description

Exmoor Explorer Routes 03.08.08
These are all "legal" routes for mountain bikes, planned with the
co-operation of  the NT, ENPA and landowners.

Leg 2 is the optional Long Route leg. Winsford back to Winsford.
About 9 miles or 1.75 hours.
Across the fields, sometimes with more deer than sheep, to the Exe again.
Then a hard, but rideable, climb to Winsford Hill. Crossing the Hill don't
forget to peer down into the wonderful "Punchbowl". The descent back to
Winsford needs care, some big dropoffs at the start of Yellowcombe Lane

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