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Route Description

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A short walk taking in some of the sights of Whitby, including a walk over and under a spectacular viaduct.


Good paths and quiet roads.

Hazards and warnings

On short section of the walk runs along an informal 'dog walkers' path by the railway. Care should be taken when crossing the track.

Detailed description

Follow backstreets until you reach Pannet Park, and then decend to the road, before climbing up a street to by the Beevers Furniture store, where you pick up the path running on the old railway. Cross the viaduct, and then drop down to the road and  follow it to Ruswarp. Return along a footpath, and then cross the railway on a dog walkers path by the tracks, taking care to watch out for trains, until you pickup the end of a footpath just after going under the viaduct. Then carry on alongside the marina to the Swing Bridge, and the take Church Street to the foot of the abbey steps. After climbing the 199 steps which featured in Brams Stoker's Dracula, to the church, turn by the Youth Hostel, and follow the path which decends to near the Captain Cook musuem, and then cross the swing bridge again, and return uphill by the building with 'Custom House' on the side.

Although the walk is pleasant enough at any time of the day, Whitby is particularly pretty on a sunny evening, as the sunlight turns the buildings below the Abbey a golden colour. If you can time the walk so as to arrive back at the Swing Bridge about 2 hours before sunset, and then savior the views of the otherside of the river in the evening light. The steps up to the abbey are also particularly pretty as dusk approaches, and walking up to the abbey is recommended at dusk, if you'd like to get some really stunning views of the town.  

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