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A walk around the harbour of Whitby, featuring visits to the two piers.


Quite a few steps and narrow passageways.

Hazards and warnings

During high seas, the piers can become very dangerous, as waves crash over the seawalls. Use your common sense to decide if it is safe to venture out, especially onto the exposed wooden structure on the west pier.

Detailed description

Decend from the Cook Statue to Kyber Pass, then go up the Kyber until you see a small tunnel entrance on the left. Go through the tunnel, and down the steps. At the base of the steps turn left. You will reach the road near the Magpie, a famous fish and chip restaurant. Turn left and head towards the sea. and then walk towards the sea.

If the sea is very rough, don't go onto the pier. Otherwise, walk out the pier. The west pier lighthouse is sometimes open, and you can climb to the top. Then pass the elaborate storm gates, and go out on the wooden section of the pier (the gates may be closed depending on sea conditions). From the end of the pier there are fine views in all directions. The end of the pier is far enough from land to get amazing views in all directions. Head back inland on the pier, and follow the road past the gaudy arcades and seaside attractions along Pier Road. The Magpie fish and chip restaurant is one of the many places to have fish and chips and is worth the inevitable queue that develops outside at busy times. Follow the harbourside walkway to the Swing bridge and cross over to the abbey side.

After crossing the bridge, turn right along the narrow street of Sandgate full of crowds and shops selling Whitby jet to the marketplace. Go through the market place and turn onto Church Street. Head past the bottom of the abbey steps (see Whitby Wanderings for a route taking you up these steps), and drop down Tate Hill to the beach if the tide is out (otherwise go onto Henrietta street). Cross the sands and go up the slipway to the east pier. Again, the warnings about sea conditions apply (see photos for what the pier looks like in a storm). Follow the pier out to the lighthouse on the east pier, and turn around and come back. Rather than crossing the beach, climb up the hill to Henrietta street. Fortunes kipper smokehouse is worth a look, and the purchase of some kippers (they often sell out by the end of the day). Keep on going down Church Street to the swing bridge, and return to the start. If you want to sample a bit more of Whitby's back streets, climb up the steep street of Flower Street, and then turn onto Cliff street to return to the Cook Statue. 

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