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A walk taking in some of the best the Upper Wharfedale has to offer, including woods, open moorlands and riverside paths. The path start by the river, heads to the summit of Simons Seat, and then down the 'valley of desolation' to the Wharfe river.


Mostly on well surfaced paths, with some poorly surfaced and more overgrown paths by the top of the forest.

Detailed description

Head along the river until you come to a stone bridge on the right. Turn left and follow the steep but straight path up the hill (under you is the pipeline which supplies Bradford with water). At the point where the path meets the wood, turn right and follow the edge of the wood.

The path here can be overgrown and hard going. After a while you will join a strong path which heads from the woods, and up towards the summit. Follow this path until you reach the pile of rocks which marks the summit. Only when you clim to the top do you see just how big the crag at the top is. After summiting, you can then head south along a strong path, which heads down hill towards the top of the a valley. The valley was terms the 'Valley of Desolation' by the victorians due to the damage inflicted by a flash flood. Go down until you reach a wood. Pass into the coniferous forest, until the path leaves the track and heads down to a stream. Cross by the small bridge, and climb up the otherside, until you pass close to a path which goes to the water fall.

Carry on down the valley until you reach a road. Turn right and pass along the road until, a path leads off to the left in the wood. The path starts close to the river, but gradually climbs. There are pleasant views towards the river, and the narrows rocky sections the river flows through called the Strid.

After descending through the wood, you will emerge into a field, near to the stone bridge you passed earlier. After a short distance you will come to the car park and the start of the route.

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