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A hard and fairly hilly ride in the Yorkshire Wolds.


Farm tracks, with some sections crossing ploughed fields, which makes for tricky, slow and fustrating riding. Ploughed fields are often a problem. Often there's not much of a gap along the edge of the field to ride on, as the farmer ploughs to the edge of the field (naughty!), which means at times progress is slow and tiring. The best time to go would be after the wheat harvest, and before the field was ploughed again.

Hazards and warnings

Slow going on ploughed fields.

Detailed description

Take the road to Weaverthorpe, and then follow the way marked bridleways as best you can. The grassy bits are fine, and you can get to West Lutton without any difficulties (there are other bridleways nearby to change the route if you wish) but between West Lutton and Kirby Grindalythe, there are several bits where you end up trying to ride on a narrow strip of land between the hedge and the field. When I rode it, this was nearly unriddable for a few hundred yards, but you may have an easier time if the farmer has allowed a proper sized gap.

The descent from Rayslack House, is fast, and fun, even if it's only a farm track and not technical. You can avoid the hill by staying on the road, or go up and down the hil on a descent gravel track for most of the way.

Lastly. Finding the place where the bridleway leaves the road at East Heslerton Wold is tricky. I had some difficulty picking up a path, and ended up messing around the edge of the field. Again, this might change from season to season depending on how the field was ploughed. After that, follow the valley bottom (there's no track till near the wood), until you hit the road, and arrive back at Butterwick.



I did this route late in the day in autumn. Conditions were decent at first, but messing around trying to ride on the edge of ploughed fields took it's toll on my speed, and energy.

Darkness fell above halfway around, but I had lights and had a great time on the long decent from Rayslack House, with some great speeds in the dark. The next hill slowed me down and the last section was tricky, as I had such difficulties finding the start of the bridleway, I abandoned the attempt and returned on the road. I did ride the next section in the light another time, and it was hard but not impossible to find the start of the bridleway.  

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