Canal to the River Calder (Kayaking) Route Details

Route Description

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This is a Navigation with British waterways and you need a licence to paddle can be obtained through with the waterways or on-line or if a Member of the of the BCU it is included in Membership, there are a few locks and these are to be portaged. Other than that it is a pleasant paddle, caution this is a navigable canal and there are moving boats.


The Canal is mainly at a good leave but the river will rise and fall

Hazards and warnings

Fishing with long poles please consult the fisher persons to where they would like you to pass. There are moving boats and we give way to the starboard side.

Detailed description

A pleasant route starting by the road bridge and returning.
to enter the river portage around the 2 locks and at the top of the second one there is a cottage and a footpath that goes under the railway line and then the road bridge enter the river on between the 2, keep an eye out for fisher persons and enjoy the paddle down the river, a lovely stretch of quite open water.
We were very lucky to have seen 2 Kingfishers on this stretch of water which was a delight to see.
to find the canal as you are paddling down the river look out for a culvert on the right and a little further on there is a what looks like a  weir and is the the over flow from the canal easy access on to the canal, re-enter and paddle back to the pub for a well earned drink.


will put something in later

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