Wakefield to Sheffield on TPT (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A long ride on the trans pennine trail to Barnsley and then down NCN 67, and to Elsecar (and getting slightly lost), before coming into Sheffield on NCN 6 via Sheffield.


Everything from quiet roads, to tarmaced cycle tracks, to gravel and dirt tracks.

Detailed description

From Wakefield go through the town, and head towards Heath on the A 638, along a fairly busy road. You can avoid this with a quieter but more complex route via Sandal and Abrigg station. At Heath cross the busy road and pick up the well sign posted trans pennine trail going south.

Follow the trans pennine trail south along the old Barnsley Canal to Royston, on what a very pleasant ride. After Royston the canal ends, and you have to turn left on a road, before shortly turning right just before the railway bridge (not well sign posted!).

Carry on along the obvious trail to Monk Bretton. After the steelworks you go on to the road for a while before joining an other old railway. This section is fairly hily, as the cuttings and embankments have been removed, and the path has lots of broken glass and rubbish strewn across it. The trans pennine trail is also marked as NCN route 67. After a while the track improves and there's some nice swooping bends. The surface changes between tarmac and loose gravel, and you can make fast progress to where the trail forks (this isn't well marked), and you turn right onto NCN route 62, also sign posted as the Elsecar Greenway. Follow the Elsecar Greenway which runs along the disused Elsecar Canal to Elsecar, an industrial heritage centre.

After Elsecar, follow the sign posted route 67,  along the road, and then up an old inclined plane. Then join a gravel track, which takes you around Elsecar Reservoir, before ending at a minor road. I followed the NCN 67 signs left (north), but later examination of the map shows NCN 67 as going south, so I'm not sure what's going on. I carried on along the road, until I joined a track which carried NCN 67 (also marked as the Timberland Trail). After some nice twisty woodland riding, and then across what looked like some old mining spoil heaps, I found myself at a T junction of bridleways. The right branch was sign posted as part of the timberland trail, but nothing about NCN 67. I tried the right branch, and passed under the motorway before giving up, then tried right, which took me in a mile of so to the A 6135. The brief ride along the unpleasantly busy road, took me to the B 6086.

After a mile on the B 6086, the TPT rejoin this road. Then followed the marked trail along the road, past Thorpe Hesley, and over the M1, and then onto a much nicer gravel track, that joined a track running along an old railway between the river and the railway. After some easy riding you arrive at Meadowhall. After a complex loop around, you can join NCN 6, which is also called the Five Weirs Walk, which follows the river Don through Sheffields industrial heartlands. The trail keeps crossing sides of the river, before arriving in the centre of Sheffield. Via some complex over bridges cross the main road junction and head to the station.

Frequent trains go back to Wakefield, although not all trains allow bikes, and some trails go to Kirkhamgate (a rather grim station on the otherside of Wakefield) as well as the principle station at Westgate.

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