Tideswell Ringinglow Circuit (cycling) Route Details

Route Description

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Hilly road ride over the moors to Ringinglow, returning via Calver

Detailed description

From Tideswell head to Great Hucklow then ascend towards Bretton Edge. Turn left to pass the gliding club & Abney then descend to Hathersage.

In Hathersage turn left to pass The Scotsman's Pack and climb onto the moors. Follow the road up and then descend to Ringinglow. Turn right towards the Longshaw Estate. Drop off the moors through Froggatt to Calver. Right at the lights & climb through Stoney Middleton. Follow the main road until you break out of the wooded valley and turn right to Foolow. Turn left at The Bull then follow the road to the crossroads near Greta Hucklow. Turn left & retrace your tracks to Tideswell.

Route Map

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