Tideswell Litton Cressbrook (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A walk around Tideswell taking in some of the areas nicest woodlands. Not nearly as hilly as some of the other walks in the area.


Paths across fields, and some minor roads. Muddy in parts.

Detailed description

From Tideswell centre walk up to the crossroad by the Anchor Inn, before heading along a minor road to Litton. Turn off the road onto a footpath over fields, which carries you on a ridge above Litton. Head down off the edge and into Litton, before following the road to Cressbrook. Cross fields and a small vally before you arrive at the edge of the woods of Cressbrook Dale. The path along the edge of the woods is quite slippery in parts. The path turns down into the woods on a series of steps, and when we visited the wood was full of bluebells and wild garlic flowers. Carry on down through the woods until you reach a road.

Turn up the road, and into the pretty village of Cressbrook perched high above the valley. There is a village hall, which when we passed was able to serve us a welcome drink. Carry on along the road, and turn off the road to drop down into Litton Mill. After Litton Mill head west until you reach the start of the path signposted for Tidewell, which takes in the lovely nature reserve of Tideswell Dale.


A windy and cool May day with the woodlands full of the smell and sight of flowering garlic, and a haze of bluebells. The woods at this time of the year are lovely.

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