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A fairly easy route around the Howardian Hills. Most of the route is fairly easy, although there are one or two more technical bits that will challenge beginners. In summer this will be a good route for the average rider. In winter, it's not recommended.


Best done when the trails are dry, as some parts will be unriddably muddy. Many of the tracks are gravel and rocky in parts. There is one section across a bog, which is unsuprisingly, boggy.

Detailed description

Follow New Lane north from the village down hill, and then past the farm (not the diversion around the farm yard). Keep on the same track, passing through a short descent into a wood, until you reach a road. Turn right on the road and head downhill until you see a BW sign on the right.

Follow the BW past two farms, until you reach a junction with a BW on the left by a small stream. Follow the BW along the stream on some nice singletrack, passing a very boggy bit, before climbing steeply into the forest. Keep on the obvious track, which soon descends to Hovingham. In the village go through the ford on the left, and follow the well marked BW until you reach a road. Turn right and head to Stonegrave.

At Stonegrave, turn right, and after a 200 metres look for a BW on the right. Go up the BW, making sure you take the lefthand (uphill) fork. Follow the BW along the ridge, crossing a road, before gradually starting to descend to West Ness. Turn right and follow the road to Slingsby (there are offroad alternatives, but the riding is often muddy and not particularly worthwhile). Turn right in Slingsby (towards Hovingham) and then take the BW on the left by the barn. Follow the BW uphill, and into the woods. Cross the BW (there are many other excellent tracks in the woods here), and then head down the very steep and rocky path. Carry on accross fields, and into a wood, before passing a barrier and meeting a gravel track. Turn right and follow the track until a junction with a further gravel track. Turn left and go downhill untll you reach the road. Carry straight on on the road, and turn right at the junction to follow the signs back to Terrington.

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