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A hilly but interesting walk in the upper Swale valley. As well as pleasant riverside walking by the Swale, which looks as pretty as the Lake, but without the crowds, there lots of old mine workings and industrial heritage to look at.


Mostly firm gravel paths, and fairly good riverside paths.

Hazards and warnings

Old mine workings can be dangerous, and are best not investigated to closely.

Detailed description

Start by heading north out of the village, and cross the river, before heading up the valley. Cross a small stream and follow the old track past the ruined farm house, and up to the old mine workings. Head up the steep hill before emerging onto the moors. Follow the obvous track across the moors, and then down onto small sheep tracks next to the mine workings. Turn left and follow the track to the bridge by the ruined building. Head down the valley on the north side of the stream, and follow the path into the pretty native woods, and to Gunnerside. At Gunnerside follow the path though fields toward Muker. There are several possible paths to take, either a riverside path or a slightly higher one through fields.

Route Map

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