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This is a long and quite hard walk in the north of the North York Moors National Park. There are some great views, and some hard hills.


Mostly good solid paths, which don't get muddy. There's a lot of climbing on this walk, due to how it cuts across the grain of the land.

Detailed description

Follow the Cleveland way north across the moors, passing 3 Lords Stones, where there is a cafe. You'll pass the Wainstones, which are an interesting outcrop of rocks which stick out from the moorside.

At Clay bank, cross the road, and climb up the steep path, until you see a path on the right, carry on along the edge of the moor, until you descend from the moor to the village of Seave Green. Descend to the B 1257, and cross over to the path which carries on west (you can also go south to the pub).

Carry on along the road until Westcote farm, and take the path down to the stream, before climbing back up the otherside of the valley. At the top of the climb, take the rough track which heads down into Scugdale. Follow the minor road, until the path turns right at the farm (and the road goes downhill steeply). After the path joins the road, carry on until you reach the start.

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