Sutton Bank Gormire walk (walking) Route Details

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A very pretty, but hilly, route on the edge of the North York Moors near Sutton Bank


Muddy along the top in winter.

Detailed description

Starting from the carpark head north along the well marked path, alongside the edge of the cliffs. On a clear day, the view extend across to the Dales, and south towards the power stations at Drax and Ferrybridge.  After 2 miles of flat walking you'll see a path heading down into the woods. Make sure you take the one on the left, not the right. Head down into the woods and then across fields and round the back of Southwoods Hall.

Then take the southerly track through the woods until you reach the lake. You may wish to extend your walk by circiling lake Gormire. The lake is a natural lake, and the biggest in Yorkshire, formed by landslips  from the cliffs above. On the eastern shore of the lake, find the footpath which climbs steeply. Keep on the footpath and pass through fields of boulders, before finally getting to the top, where you can retrace your footsteps to the car park.

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