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A nice and fast blast around the moors. Didn't quite go as planned, as a bridleway I planned to follow wasn't really ridable, and I managed to get lost a few times. Some very nice riding all the same


Rocky offroad track, which can be very muddy in winter. Some of the moorland sections get very overgrown

Hazards and warnings

The bridleway on weatherhouse moor was impossible to find, requiring a bit of improvised route finding.

Detailed description

A long and hard ride. As I actually rode it (see GPS route) I managed to get lost a few times. I'll add the actual proper route to the site.


A warm spring day and an ideal chance to dust off the full suspension bike and find some new trails.

Things never quite go as planned, and I got lost and headed down the wrong route near Cowesby. And I missed the turn for the bridleway across to Neethstilton.

Once on the moors, I managed to get some excellent fast riding in, after getting up the hideously long hill above Nether Stilton.

The track down to Dale Head is one of the best in the area. Ignore the map which suggested crossing and recrossing the beck, as there's a new bridge.

On Hawnby Moor, the bridleway up from the stream requires either super human climbing ability or a long bike push.

I tried in vane to find the easterly BW on limestone ridge. Instead, I followed the obvious (but not a proper right of way) track which goes across Weatherhouse moor, before joining the green lane which climbs up from Bilsdale. The descent over the moors is utterly brilliant and fast. Payback is hell, as you have a short climb to Hawnby and then a horrid steep climb above Arden, before getting back to the start.

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